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Frequently Asked Questions

11. Is transportation included?

You can book either a day package that includes round-trip transportation from your hotel or a package without transportation.

12. If I have my own transportation, can I go to De Palm Island on my own?

Yes you can. Many guests go by rental car. There is plenty of parking (free) and you can purchase your package at the ticket booth right there. A 5 minute ferry boat ride from the mainland to De Palm Island is included in all packages.

13. Is De Palm Island easy to find if I go there on my own?

Yes, it is on the main road heading south from the hotel and downtown area. Approximately two miles past the airport follow the signs on your right side to De Palm Island.

14. How far is De Palm Island from the hotels?

Approximately a 25 minute drive from the hotel area in your own vehicle or approximate 40 minute by bus.

15. Is De Palm Island just for kids/families?

No, De Palm Island is an all-inclusive island offering something for everyone. Couples or friends without children can enjoy snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, the open bar and buffet, Sea Trek, SNUBA, Power Snorkel, unlimited banana boat rides, the daily salsa lesson and beach activities like beach volley. The water park is also open for adults. Approximately 20% of the visitors are under the age of 12 years and most in this age group come during the school vacations.

16. Is the waterpark just for kids?

No, the water park is ideal for all ages. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

17. Can you do Sea Trek or SNUBA if you have a medical condition?

A doctor's letter is required in order to participate if you have one of the following conditions: recent surgery, high blood pressure, epilepsy, seizures, asthma or if you are pregnant.

18. Do locals come to De Palm Island?

Yes, De Palm Island is popular with locals particularly on the weekends. Vacationers tend to come during the weekdays.

19. I purchased an USB with pictures from one of the underwater activities I joined, but it doesn't work.

If you're unable to open the files on the USB you purchased, please contact us with your name, contact information and the date and time of the activity you joined.

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